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How to Apply False Eyelashes on Yourself (With Photos) – Professional Makeup Artist Manila, Philippines | Iris Lee
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How to Apply False Eyelashes on Yourself (With Photos)

As a professional makeup artist, I’ve applied false eyelashes on clients tons of times. It may be weird for some but I actually find it easier to apply on someone else that on myself. So for those of you who feels the same way, here’s how I do it using my natural-looking false eyelashes. Hopefully, this will help next time you have a big night out and want those lashes amplified without having a tough time ;)


Curl your eyelashes first. I’m in love and forever loyal to Shu Uemura and Shiseido eye lash curlers!

curl eyelashes


Measure your false eyelashes to your lash line and trim on the outer end if it’s too long. Make sure to leave a small space in the inner lash line unoccupied by the falsies to avoid poking the inner corners of your eyes with the ends of the bands.

measure false eyelashes


For easier application, shape the band of the false eyelashes like a letter “C” for it to follow the natural curves of your eyes. Apply lash glue to the band and put more to the ends of the bands because this is where your falsies normally starts to come off so we want to make sure they’re gonna sit tight all throughout the day ;)

It’s important to wait 15-20 seconds before applying so the glue will adhere more to your lash line.

shape the band of false eyelahes


Tilt your head up so you can clearly see your lash line. Attach the false eyelashes at the outer corner first and as close as possible to your lash line using a lash applicator or just your hands.

apply false eyelashes

Once it’s settled in the outer corner, proceed attaching to the inner corner of your lash line.

apply false eyelashes

Adjust the angle of you false eyelashes as needed. You can lift it up or lower it down using a lash applicator like mine or just your point finger. Wait for the glue to dry (mine becomes transparent once it dries) and try not to blink too much or just look down to maintain the lashes in its place.

adjust the angle of false eyelashes correctly


To intensify your falsies and combine it with your real lashes for a more natural effect, apply mascara and clamp it using your lash applicator or point finger.

You can skip the mascara if you’re planning to use the false eyelashes again.

apply mascara to combine false with real eyelashes

It’s that easy and you’re ready to bat those eyelashes! The more times you apply on yourself, the more you will get used to it. Next thing you know, you’ll be applying falsies like a pro :)

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