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What’s Your Skin Type? – Professional Makeup Artist Manila, Philippines | Iris Lee

What’s Your Skin Type?

As a professional makeup artist, I seldom get unsure answers from my clients when asked for their skin type. So I’ve decided to write a bit about it and hopefully help you determine which one you have (if you don’t know or unsure yet :roll: ). Not only will this help you find the proper skin care you need, it will also benefit you in shopping for the right makeup products.

First things first. Skin type depends on how much oil your skin produces and there are a few ways to check which one you have. After 30 minutes from the time you washed your face, I’ve found that the easiest method is to:
1.) Pat a tissue on your face and check which areas have oil.
2.) Feel your skin; pay close attention to the size and area of your pores.
3.) Use the description below to see which one you can relate to.


1. Normal Skin
People with this type of skin have barely visible pores. The face looks supple with a radiant complexion and few imperfections. It also has a good balance of moisture and oil since it’s not too oily nor too dry.

2. Combination Skin
Most people I’ve worked on have this type of skin. They have medium size pores and gets oily in the T-zone areas (forehead and nose) while having normal to dry skin on other areas.

3. Oily Skin
This type has enlarged pores and shiny skin pretty much on all areas of the face. It’s prone to blemishes like acne and blackheads due to overproduction of oil. I’ve also experienced that makeup slides off easily when applying it on an oily face. But ladies with this skin type would be glad to know that they are the ones who age better and won’t wrinkle fast :D

4. Dry Skin
Dry skin has almost invisible pores. It can look dull and ashy due to dead skin buildup and can feel rough and flaky when touched.  The skin also feels tight especially after washing. Flaking, dry patches and wrinkles are commonly present in this skin type.

5. Sensitive Skin
Fine pores are present with those who have sensitive skin. If you have this type, your face easily gets irritated by skin care or cosmetic products causing it redness and itchiness. You can also feel that your skin is quite dry when touched.

Hope you learned something from this post and till next time ;)

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