What Smoking Can Do To Your Skin

Quit smoking and stay beautiful! I know it’s easier said than done but these quick facts on long term skin effects may get you thinking twice next time you light up that cigarette.

FACT NO. 1:     Smoking causes wrinkles and dark under eyes or even make them worse. This is because cigarettes have toxins in them that damage the delicate skin under your eyes.

FACT NO. 2:     It affects your skin complexion making it look dull and old. According to research, every 10 years of smoking accelerates your aging process to another 2.5 years. 8O

FACT NO. 3:     Last but not the least, it destroys collagen and elastin that are responsible for keeping your skin firm; later on resulting to skin sagging.

Hope this short and simple facts paves a way for a healthier and more beautiful you :)

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