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Eye Makeup: Orange Brown Smokey Eyes – Professional Makeup Artist Manila, Philippines | Iris Lee
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Eye Makeup: Orange Brown Smokey Eyes

This is a quick tutorial on eye makeup. For those who are obsessed with sultry smokey eyes, this is one of the basic ones you can definitely try and perfect for going at parties or any evening affair.

STEP 1: Apply your primer of choice over the entire eyelids to make sure your lovely eye makeup won’t budge. You can even put some on your lower lash line for insurance :)

STEP 2: Pat a peach eyeshadow color on your lids and entire lower lash line. I used Shu Uemura (Soft Orange) in this tutorial.

STEP 3: Sweep your second eyeshadow shade in orange over your eye crease and entire lower lash line. The one I used is Yaby (Tomato Face).

STEP 4: Apply your darkest eyeshadow shade in black over your eye crease focusing on the outer corner of your eyes. Also apply on your outer lower lash line making sure to connect it  to the upper lash line for continuity. The ones I used is Yaby (Abyss).

STEP 5: Sweep your lightest eyeshadow shade on your browbone to highlight. I used NYX (High Light) which is a light nude color. Blend the eyeshadows altogether and also on the lower lashline. Keep on blending in windshield wiping motions until there are no more harsh lines but a gradient effect instead. Go ahead and apply your black eyeliner on your upper and lower lash line as well as waterline and wing it if you want just like in this tutorial. Smudge with a smudge brush or Q-tip for a dramatic effect.

STEP 6: Apply your black mascara, false eyelashes and that’s it! From the 5th image to the last image, you will see how false eyelashes makes a huge impact in making your eyes pop ;)

Eye Makeup Tutorial

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