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Bridal Hair & Wedding Makeup: Shayne L. – Professional Makeup Artist Manila, Philippines | Iris Lee
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Bridal Hair & Wedding Makeup: Shayne L.

Shayne is one of the Singapore-based brides I’ve worked with and was referred as well. It’s always an honor for me to have someone recommend my work so I wanted to make sure her bridal makeup will be just like how she envisioned it.

I remember her wedding gown made by the very talented Veluz had a structured style and my goal was to create a hair and makeup look that will work with it. The result, soft simple eye makeup with coral-peach tones for her blush and cheeks to make it more modern.

Here is the beautiful Shayne before slipping into her bridal gown:
Bridal Makeup Artist Philippines
Bridal Makeup Artist Philippines
Hair Stylist: MJ Vitug

NOTE: All before and after photos are voluntary or with the client’s consent.

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