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4 Tips on How to Choose a Bridal Makeup Artist – Professional Makeup Artist Manila, Philippines | Iris Lee
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4 Tips on How to Choose a Bridal Makeup Artist

As a Professional Makeup Artist specializing in weddings, I’m often asked this question by my clients as well as friends. With so many top makeup artists in Manila, finding the right one for you can be a daunting task. So I decided to write about it and give 4 main tips on how to choose a bridal makeup artist based on my years of experience working with brides. Here it goes:

1. Specialty Matters

Quite a huge number of makeup artists can do several types of makeup from bridal, fashion, special effects (fantasy makeup using prosthetic) to even avant garde. There are also those who are very good in doing airbrush makeup which has become so popular in weddings over the years as alternative to traditional makeup. When deciding which makeup artist you should put your bet on, opt for the one specializing in what you need to be done. In this case of course, it’s someone who specializes in bridal. Feel free to stalk the artist’s portfolio to see if he/she has a wide array of bridal clients in the past to present.

2. Stalk the Artist’s Portfolio of Real Brides

All of us dream of looking like celebrities once we walk down that aisle. We therefore look into expert artists who have done makeup for celebrities, models and the like. Though this is a fairly good idea, it’s also important to realize that not all of us are blessed with high to-die-for cheekbones, perfect nose, pouty lips and overall symmetrical features. Hunting for a makeup artist who is well experienced in working on real brides will give you an insight of his/her capability to enhance your beauty without completely changing the way you look.

top makeup artist manila philippines top makeup artist manila philippines
Here’s a sample of a before and after photo of the lovely red head bride I worked with just recently.

3. Check the Artist’s Knowledge in Makeup Techniques

In this day and age, a lot of makeup artists are well educated in reputable schools to make sure they are armed with heavy knowledge when it comes to makeup application and hairstyle. Of course, this is not a requirement and there are a lot of artists out there who are excellent in what they do through experience. But hiring someone who has the educational background as well apart from experience may give more edge since makeup is not just about playing with colors and applying them on the face. You may be surprised how technical it is and someone who has studied the various face shapes, eye shapes, skin tones, color combinations (I could go on forever!) might have a better understanding of your features and use the necessary techniques needed to yield better results.

4. Have A Trial Run

When you have funds to set aside for this, it’s super important to have a trial to make sure you achieve what you envision to be on your big day and get your peace of mind. This is both for you and the makeup artist – you in a sense that more time in advance is spent discussing what you want instead of doing it on your actual wedding day which can be nerve-wracking. For the makeup artist in a sense that he/she will have an initial assessment if you have any skin reactions; colors or placement of makeup that might not work for you and make the necessary tweak on your wedding day.

I do hope these tips will help you land the right makeup artist and make you feel as every bit as a bride should on her most special day!

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